Friday, April 15, 2011

Indian 3rd Party Logistics Market Getting Boost from the FMCG Sector

In this era of globalization, India is witnessing an increasing demand for the 3PL (third party logistics) business, with companies from diversified sectors now concentrating on managing their supply chain mechanisms in a better way as well as deepening their market penetration.
                                                                 We have found FMCG as one of the major sectors, which has provided considerable contribution to the 3PL market and has significant potency to grow in future. According to our research report “3rd Party Logistics Market in India”, the 3PL market in the FMCG industry will post good momentum in coming years and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 38% till 2013.

Our study reveals that, with the implementation of total VAT system in India, this particular market is anticipated to further boost its share, thereby changing the FMCG companies’ warehousing model and driving them towards the 3PL adoption. Moreover, the FMCG manufacturers will focus more on increasing their penetration levels in unexplored markets and will outsource logistic services to other companies. Due to all these reasons, the 3PL market in FMCG industry is showing positive outlook.
Our research says that, 3PL market will not only witness a high rise in FMCG, but also in other segments, such as retail, IT Hardware, auto & auto components, consumer electronics, and durables. Our report has analyzed the 3PL market in all these segments. This segment-wise market potential of the 3PL services facilitates the better analysis of the penetration level of latest logistic services across different industries in India.
Our report “3rd Party Logistics Market in India”, also provides a prudent analysis of storage infrastructure by analyzing warehousing and cold storage. Our study has also covered a regional outlook of logistics parks by providing an insight into the major logistics projects. It has also studied different modes of freight movement including railways, air and ocean cargo, and road transportation. Additionally, we have discussed key players under the competitive landscape segment.

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