Sunday, November 21, 2010

Succeeding in A Voltage Market

With the global financial markets in turmoil, the credit crisis impacting companies and consumers alike, and growing concern about environmental issues, the mood of the market is far less optimistic than it was two years ago, when GCI published the predecessor to this report, 2016: The Future Value Chain.
But today’s pressures do not have to prevent our industry from thriving.
By working together with strong collaborative efforts, the industry can counter these downward trends and continue to meet the changing needs of our consumers around the world. Together, we have the opportunity to choose our future!

The Deliverables of the 2018 Project
The GCI 2018 project has two deliverables:
• The first is this report itself, which is based on the output from four industry workshops that took place in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, India and Japan, and that brought together 130 leading practitioners and experts from our industry.
• The second, and far more important, deliverable is to harness the energy that was generated at the workshops and align that enthusiasm against a series of new and existing industry programmes that will help us realise these opportunities. These include global projects as well as work streams that will take place at a market level.

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